Sabbath 21.04.2018 Quotes - Sugar Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sabbath, I visited the parish of Saint Joseph on the Island and visited Sugar Hill Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The atmosphere was very nice, and although the church had no air condition, the strong natural breeze made the entire church very cool and I wasn’t hot what so ever. Surprisingly, as my trip was a 30 minute drive coming from Bridgetown. I managed to arrive before Sabbath School…
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You know sometimes you start your day well, Knowing you are set for greatness. But In the end, someone or something comes along, And make it seem like total nonsense. But In the end of it all, All you have to do, Is try to keep your head above the water, Praying to rebuke this force, That want to see your good spirit die. So, I pray, That you find Peace, Love and Joy upon your smile, And always…
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My Experience at Brown Sugar Restaurant In Barbados

Don’t get me started, “aha” I will go straight into the details. As I always been going about my daily commute, in conversations I have heard on multiple occasions of this restaurant “Brown Sugar”. Lucky enough I won a voucher, so on Sunday was my very first visit there. As I approached to the entry side of Brown Sugar restaurant, I said to myself: “Nice! This Looks Very Cozy!”. So…
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