Ellis In Barbados – Barbados Electric Bike Tour Review

Oh my! Who would have thought riding an e-bike would have been an awesome experience! Well, it surely was.

On Sunday, May 29th, 2022 I had an amazing opportunity to go with on an electronic bike tour. Now prior to this, I’ve got experience cycling, but I have never been on an e-bike until this instance.



Upon starting we were issued with reflective safety vests so while we were on the roads of Barbados, we would be seen by other users of the public roads, thus each road user making consideration for each other on the roads. We were also given the “Do’s and Don’ts” on what to and what not to do while riding an e-bike.



After the introduction and the signing of the liability waiver, we first went on a test ride in St. Marks Church parking lot which is also the meeting/starting point of the e-bike tour.

The tour option I choose was the “Adventure Dash” which is roughly about 1 hour and 15 minutes on a peak climb of 5 meters to 100 meters.



Cycling on the road with the “Fat-Tire” e-bike wheels was an easy task, and when there was an opportunity to go uphill, that’s when I utilize the electronic pedal assist on the e-bike.



The Trails were robust and very adventurous. They were so many breathtaking views and we even biked to Codrington College, where I snapped a few photos and also fed the nearby friendly ducks. Those ducks seem to enjoy all the food fed to them.



Final Thoughts

I would say to anyone who loves an instant adrenaline high while outdoors, to give an e-bike tour with a try. The tour guide operator that led us on all the trails was very informative and supportive for the entire tour duration. Fun fact; it’s a “win-win” on both sides as you not only get to have fun on the e-bike while seeing breathtaking views on the island, but you also get a miniature workout from the cycling. e-bike tours, you will definitely be seeing me sometime soon again.


My review rating will be a full 10/10. It’s always a fun therapeutic feeling when you are outdoors in nature, seeing many breathtaking views of Barbados.




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