“This Dark Place”

This Dark Place…

Lord, Sometimes I Feel Like If I Am Dying,
Dying From Guilt, Dying From Shame,
Dying From Society That Seems To Keep Making Me Go Insane.

It’s Like They Wanna Scandal My Name,
Like If They Get Pleasure From This Bad Philosophy Game.

A Game Of Bringing Someone Down,
Rather Than Playing To Win,
To Helping Them Turn The Situation Around.

By Uplifting Someone’s Soul,
Rather Than Caring To Find Out The Truth That They Think That May Never Have Been Told.

So With Your Help, I’m a Keep Fighting This Demon Inside,
Because I Believe When I Keep Trusting In You,
You Will Bring Out My Inner Peace To Show To All,
In This World Outside.

© Copyright 2020 / Ricardo Ellis

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