Hi, my name is Ricardo S. Ellis and welcome to my blog…

Investing in Information Technology from an early age and pursuing the course at Barbados Community College gave me an exciting thrill to love Information Technology.

Having working experience at Barbados Leading Insurance Company, Telecommunications, Computer/IT Retail, and Supermarket Industries, this has further my knowledge in these fields of work here on this island. This also ranges from speaking with several diverse clients/customers.

Born and raised in Barbados “I’m 100% Bajan”. From attending Kindergarten to Primary School, then unto Secondary School and aforementioned, Tertiary Level.  Although studied only in Barbados, I also kept furthering my knowledge by being self-taught with Information Technology online. I can say Google is one of my best friends!

In my free time away from work, I’m a Gamer, Blogger, Amateur Photographer, and I could go on. Most importantly I give praise and thanks to the Almighty!

Enough of me going all “blah! blah! blah! blah! blah!” . Go ahead! Poke around in my blog and who knows, you might even get a “Good Laugh!” as what we as Bajans will say!