'PINKTOBER': What You Should Know About Breast Cancer & Its Awareness

Now October is known as ‘Pinktober’, as it spreads the awareness of Breast Cancer. What Is Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer is a disease common in women, in which cells in the breast grow out of control. There are different kinds of breast cancer, it all depends on which cells turn into cancer. Is There A Chance Breast Cancer Can Spread Outside The Breast? Yes there is a chance Breast Cancer can…
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World Down Syndrome Day & It’s Awareness

Now today is World Down Syndrome day, so I decided and took upon myself to support the cause by joining the “Lots of Socks” worldwide campaign. Below the post, will be a few local photos I gathered, and a few I took while I was in the city. The Real Question is: What is Down Syndrome? Down syndrome can affect a person’s mental ability and their actual physical growth, which can cause…
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What Is A Computer Power Supply ?

Presentation I did when I once worked for one of Barbados Top Tech Companies: What Is A Computer Power Supply ? What is a Computer Power Supply? A power supply is the component that supplies power to a computer. Also, known as PSU (Power Supply Unit), most computers can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The Power Supply Unit then pulls the correct amount of electricity and converts…
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