Barbados Security Tech Tip: Change Your Digicel Play Default Modem Password (How To)

Let’s say you wish to keep your Wi-Fi password only private for you, so you enter your Digicel Wi-Fi password in the user’s device without them knowing of it. Truth to be told, there is actually a work around for them to actually view your default Digicel Play Wi-Fi password without you knowing. By default, if you never logged into your Digicel Play modem, the easy default modem password…
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World Down Syndrome Day & It’s Awareness

Now today is World Down Syndrome day, so I decided and took upon myself to support the cause by joining the “Lots of Socks” worldwide campaign. Below the post, will be a few local photos I gathered, and a few I took while I was in the city. The Real Question is: What is Down Syndrome? Down syndrome can affect a person’s mental ability and their actual physical growth, which can cause…
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