Here Are the Password Security Tips and Tricks to Know In 2021

The issue that most users have with password security today boils down to what websites and other online platforms give to pass as a good password.

Once you have it down to a minimum of 8 characters that has a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters, the system passes you as having a strong password. This does not take into account if you have ever used the password on multiple platforms in the past, or if the password contains your name and other personally-identifying information.

That is why, today, we’ll go through the best password habits to have, and how to secure your logins better in 2021.

Guide to Better Password Security

Do these if you have not already started today.


Choose Secure Passwords

There is a high chance that you cannot come up with strong passwords on your own. This is where you should get a random online password generator to do the work for you. That way, you are sure that the passwords you are creating are without bias or any such personally identifying data which hackers can use against you.

Activate 2FA

Even the best passwords can sometimes be hacked. Fighting against that is enabling 2FA on your account which adds an extra layer of security when the passwords get breached.

Unless the hacker has access to both the password and 2FA device, it would be impossible for them to gain access to your account.

Get Password Managers

The best password managers only require you to remember one master password as they save your other passwords for you.

That way, you can choose unique, highly secure passwords for all of your online accounts without worrying about forgetting them ever.

Other Password Security Boosts

The above is far from the only way to ensure a secure online account.

Where you can, try the following too:

  • Install a Firewall – most computers come with an inbound firewall already. Activate an outbound firewall in that instance, or get both if you don’t already have one.
  • Install a VPNdownloading a VPN is important for more than just changing your device’s IP address at will. A good VPN will also encrypt your internet connection so much that it is difficult to de-anonymize you over the internet while also protecting the files sent on the
  • Install antimalware – just because you never know what files, drives or other external connections will try to ship malware onto your device, it’s better to have antimalware handy to kick against such attacks for you.
  • Backup your files – this strategy works best against ransomware attacks, but you can deploy it almost anywhere also. Keep an online and offline backup of all your files so that when an attack does happen, you can wipe down the system and restore completely from backup.

Wrapping Up

Start with the above today and strengthen your password and online security model from now on. The best part is that they are simple and easy-to-use strategies, so why not start today?

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