World Down Syndrome Day & It’s Awareness

Now today is World Down Syndrome day, so I decided and took upon myself to support the cause by joining the “Lots of Socks” worldwide campaign. Below the post, will be a few local photos I gathered, and a few I took while I was in the city.

The Real Question is: What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome can affect a person’s mental ability and their actual physical growth, which can cause development complications and can present a high risk of heath related issues.

It can be detected before or after birth using screenings and a series of testings.

It is said, Down Syndrome can occur in every 1 in 700 pregnancies. It can be ruled out by a number of factors but research suggest that mothers 35 years of age may have a higher chance.

Here back in Barbados, we have special schools dedicated for the more awesome kids and teenagers. Some of them even compete in the globally recognized Special Olympics and bring back home some medals from their spectacular performances in the categories they compete in.

This caused has thought be lots of awareness, and I always say to myself, just because a person may not be as the same as you, always treat them like how you will want to treat yourself. I get it, all of us aren’t perfect, but we can always impact a person’s life positively without even knowing of it!

May peace and love be brought against you! Now you can jump to the photos I spoke about in the introduction of the blog post…Enjoy!

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Reference About What is Down Syndrome:

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