“The New Normal They Say”

The New Normal They Say…

Telling Us Every Day A Mask We Must Wear,
Making Us Feel Like We Can’t Go Outside And Play.

It’s Like Mother Earth Is Purging Itself In Some Way,
As This Pandemic Had Hit Us All In The Biggest Ever Scare.

While Going To Places,
If Its Inside Or Outside,
Making Sure We Keep Our Social Distancing.

But What Happened To Our Lives,
Trying To Make By With Our Family And Friends By Embracing.

I Just Pray That This Shit Show Is Soon Over,
So We Can Drink, Laugh And Go To Shows Together More Than Ever.

So For Now,
Above It All I Will Still Say,
Try To Stay Safe As Much As You Can,
Because It May Save Your Life, As Well As Others,
As This Virus Seems To Be Like A Famous Hitman Who Still Want To Slay.

© Copyright 2020 EllisInBB.com / Ricardo Ellis

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