"Be Sky-High"

It’s Amazing How Kites Fly, They Fly Sky-High, They Dance In The Air, Beautiful, As A Sunny Atmosphere. They Say What Goes Up, Must Come Down. But I’ll Say, Still Remember Everyone, Because One Day You’ll Never Know When You Need Them To Come Around. Each Day, When It’s Sunny, Try To Laugh A Bit At What’s Funny, As Tomorrow Can Be A Very Long Journey. So Share A…
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Sabbath 04.01.2020 Quotes – Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist Church

Today I visited Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist Church in the parish of Saint Andrew, whereas I worshipped and fellowship there in prayer and ministry too. It was a long trip for me as I took the bus to commute there. Below you will find my highlights of today’s church service, which I believe is truly motivational for us all. #PeaceWithin ?️ PART ONE “Be Fill With The Holy…
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EllisInBB.com 2020 New Year Poem

It’s A New Year, Yay! But It’s Still Fear, Fear That Our New Year’s Resolutions May Disappear. But Don’t Get Me Wrong, There’s Always A Turnaround, As Bright As Positive Music Always Sounds. Picture Being At The Beach To See, Everyone Just Having Fun As Best As They Can Be, The Young And The Old, Living A Lifetime Story That Cannot Be Sold. Life Is Bright, And We For…
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