Ellis In Barbados Blog Top 7 Posts Leading Up To 2019

Now 2019 has been a very engaging year for my blog, numerous feedback was received and multiple blog articles were written and published.

For 2020, you can expect more to come, including vlogs and a new website look coming for January 2020.

Below you will find my top 7 blog posts leading up to 2019 as well as a miniature vlog I produce a few days ago.

Top 1
How to view your Flow Wireless (Wi-Fi) Password If You Are Still Connected or By LAN Cable (Barbados)

Now, this blog post was my most viewed blog post ever, over 1.7k views and each day still get multiple hits each day from fellow Caribbean Islands where flow operators. I am happy this tech post I wrote and developed, came to of good use.

Top 2
What Is A Computer Power Supply?

This blog post actually came about from writing a presentation originally for a tech company I once used to work for. I said to myself with the knowledge and research done, why not share it with the world.

Top 3
Barbados: Who Is Mother Sally?

Who would have thought a blog post like this would have been received so well. Barbados cultural history never ceases to amaze me. For this blog post, even a well-known Barbados historian reach out to me via my blog Facebook page and further informed me on the origin of Barbados Mother Sally.

Top 4
Juvenile Delinquency In Schools Questionnaire

During my Secondary School years as a teenager, I put my heart and soul creating my Social Studies School-Based Assessment. Sadly then, my teacher didn’t prefer me and never even submitted my SBA, but I am still glad that part of my SBA came to light and can gather findings from such a topic like this among the youth in schools. I am glad again I get to share this with the world.

Top 5

Now in the year of 2018, I wrote several poems and believe it or not, this original poem has been my most one ever viewed! I even printed this poem and framed it.

Top 6
Lunch At Fort Young Hotel In Dominica (Caribbean)

This was the year I visited a Dominica Hotel restaurant with my then, “love of my life”. We mutually parted ways, but looking back we did have some then awesome dining outings together.

Top 7
Barbados Security Tech Tip: Change Your Digicel Play Default Modem Password (How To)

Barbados has two major internet service providers and writing this I.T support tutorial, this post has been getting more hits lately.


Ellis In Barbados Vlog 26.12.2019


I want to thank you all for the support within Ellis In Barbados Blog, and you can expect a transformation look for 2020.

Do enjoy and may peace be granted upon you.

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