5 Inspiring Barbadians History Quotes + Video Tour Of 'Speightstown's Memories'

After all, I made sure I will not leave out Black History Month. Hey, I am black after all! So there’s a twist for Ellis In Barbados Blog black history month blog post. Instead of focusing on America’s Black History this year,  I brought it home right here, making it related to my fellow citizens of Barbados! We in Barbados have so many scholars around the globe, from Music Artists…
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Sabbath 04.01.2020 Quotes – Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist Church

Today I visited Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist Church in the parish of Saint Andrew, whereas I worshipped and fellowship there in prayer and ministry too. It was a long trip for me as I took the bus to commute there. Below you will find my highlights of today’s church service, which I believe is truly motivational for us all. #PeaceWithin ?️ PART ONE “Be Fill With The Holy…
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EllisInBB.com 2020 New Year Poem

It’s A New Year, Yay! But It’s Still Fear, Fear That Our New Year’s Resolutions May Disappear. But Don’t Get Me Wrong, There’s Always A Turnaround, As Bright As Positive Music Always Sounds. Picture Being At The Beach To See, Everyone Just Having Fun As Best As They Can Be, The Young And The Old, Living A Lifetime Story That Cannot Be Sold. Life Is Bright, And We For…
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Ellis In Barbados Blog Top 7 Posts Leading Up To 2019

Now 2019 has been a very engaging year for my blog, numerous feedback was received and multiple blog articles were written and published. For 2020, you can expect more to come, including vlogs and a new website look coming for January 2020. Below you will find my top 7 blog posts leading up to 2019 as well as a miniature vlog I produce a few days ago. Top 1 “How to view your Flow Wireless…
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5 Things You Didn't Know About Barbados

As Barbados celebrates 53 years of independence this month, here are 5 things you did not know about Barbados, or had you forgotten. The peak of Mount Hillaby is the highest point of Barbados. Bim and Bimshire are two other names people refer to Barbados. In 1961, Barbados Deep Water Harbour was opened by Sir Grantley Adams, The 1st Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation…
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Sabbath 01.09.2018 Quotes - Hillaby Seventh-day Adventist Church

So last Sabbath I took upon myself to do a visitation to another Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Originally, I wanted to go as far as Belleplaine SDA church in Saint Andrew, but as time was against me, I stopped short by Hillaby SDA church. Which was a 11 KM (17-minute drive) journey for me. I vaguely remember when I first visited Hillaby SDA church with my parents at the age maybe 7/8 years old.
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Babe I Want To Feel Your Embrace, And No, Don’t Let Us Make It Into A Race, Let’s Take The Relationship Slow, At A Lovely Pace. The Moment I First Saw You, I Was Like Yes! I Wanna Know  You More And More, And When I Made That First Leap Towards You, It Was Like My Most Tremendous Score. Your Rhythm, Your Style Is So Mellow, And This Corny Joke Might Make You Giggle, But My Love For You…
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My Experience at Brown Sugar Restaurant In Barbados

Don’t get me started, “aha” I will go straight into the details. As I always been going about my daily commute, in conversations I have heard on multiple occasions of this restaurant “Brown Sugar”. Lucky enough I won a voucher, so on Sunday was my very first visit there. As I approached to the entry side of Brown Sugar restaurant, I said to myself: “Nice! This Looks Very Cozy!”. So…
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