5 Things You Didn’t Know About Barbados

As Barbados celebrates 53 years of independence this month, here are 5 things you did not know about Barbados, or had you forgotten.

  1. The peak of Mount Hillaby is the highest point of Barbados.


  1. Bim and Bimshire are two other names people refer to Barbados.


  1. In 1961, Barbados Deep Water Harbour was opened by Sir Grantley Adams, The 1st Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation .


  1. In 1973 Barbados Introduced Its $1 Dollar Note, But Was Shortly Never Issued Again. The $2 Dollar Note Was Then Introduced In 1980, Making It The Lowest Denomination Printed Currency Of Barbados.


  1. In 1977, British Airways Concorde, a supersonic aircraft, marked its first arrival into Barbados in order to return Her Majesty The Queen home to England.



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