Sabbath 01.09.2018 Quotes – Hillaby Seventh-day Adventist Church

So last Sabbath I took upon myself to do a visitation to another Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Originally, I wanted to go as far as Belleplaine SDA church in Saint Andrew, but as time was against me, I stopped short by Hillaby SDA church. Which was a 11 KM (17-minute drive) journey for me.

I vaguely remember when I first visited Hillaby SDA church with my parents at the age maybe 7/8 years old. This church then eventually moved from their old spot to a corner lot, a few more lengths of distance in Hillaby, St Andrew.

The church is absolutely stunning, beautiful, spacious and cozy. I really felt the warmth visiting there. Not only was the architecture of the building modern, but the members of the church are really friendly.

Below you will see some shots I took yesterday, as well as 01.09.2018 Sabbath Quotes at Hillaby Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Do Enjoy!

Section I – Sabbath Quotes

Theme: Education

“We Are To Treat Each Other The Same, Loving And Respectful”

“Lord I Need Your Forgiveness”

“We Are Special In The Lord’s Eyes”

“The Church Is A School For The Long Haul”

“Just As Life Is Progressive, Education Must Be Progressive”

“Learn Something Everyday”

“Education Is A Lifelong Process”

“Ignorance Is The Lack Of Knowledge”

“Progression Should Be The Life Of A Christian”

“Education Is About Living”

“God Is A God Of Knowledge”

“If We Don’t Know Jesus, Our Lives Are Amongst Nothing”

“Get Knowledge”

Section II – Photos of 01.09.2018 Sabbath:

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