Sabbath 21.04.2018 Quotes – Sugar Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sabbath, I visited the parish of Saint Joseph on the Island and visited Sugar Hill Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The atmosphere was very nice, and although the church had no air condition, the strong natural breeze made the entire church very cool and I wasn’t hot what so ever.

Surprisingly, as my trip was a 30 minute drive coming from Bridgetown. I managed to arrive before Sabbath School started. Funny thing I didn’t exactly know where the church was, so as I boarded one of the Barbados Transport Board buses, I kindly asked the bus driver to assist me on which stop to disembark.

So this post will be broken into two Sections; Section I: Sabbath Quotes and Section II: Photos of 21.04.2018 Sabbath.

I hope that you do enjoy them all!

Section I – Sabbath Quotes:

“King Jesus Is Coming Soon”

“There Is A Savior That Always Have Us In His Mind”

“He Loves Us And Want Us To Live With Him”

“We Have A Blessed Hope”

“Look Upon Jesus”

“Hold Onto Jesus”

“Don’t Loose Hope, Keep Your Eyes Fixed On Jesus”

“Let Jesus Be The Center Of Your Attraction”

“Don’t Be Spiritually Obese”


Section II – Photos of 21.04.2018 Sabbath:




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