Sabbath 04.01.2020 Quotes – Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist Church

Today I visited Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist Church in the parish of Saint Andrew, whereas I worshipped and fellowship there in prayer and ministry too. It was a long trip for me as I took the bus to commute there. Below you will find my highlights of today’s church service, which I believe is truly motivational for us all. #PeaceWithin ?️ PART ONE “Be Fill With The Holy…
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It’s A New Year, Yay! But It’s Still Fear, Fear That Our New Year’s Resolutions May Disappear. But Don’t Get Me Wrong, There’s Always A Turnaround, As Bright As Positive Music Always Sounds. Picture Being At The Beach To See, Everyone Just Having Fun As Best As They Can Be, The Young And The Old, Living A Lifetime Story That Cannot Be Sold. Life Is Bright, And We For…
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Sabbath 01.09.2018 Quotes - Hillaby Seventh-day Adventist Church

So last Sabbath I took upon myself to do a visitation to another Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Originally, I wanted to go as far as Belleplaine SDA church in Saint Andrew, but as time was against me, I stopped short by Hillaby SDA church. Which was a 11 KM (17-minute drive) journey for me. I vaguely remember when I first visited Hillaby SDA church with my parents at the age maybe 7/8 years old.
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