My Experience at Brown Sugar Restaurant In Barbados

Don’t get me started, “aha” I will go straight into the details.

As I always been going about my daily commute, in conversations I have heard on multiple occasions of this restaurant “Brown Sugar”. Lucky enough I won a voucher, so

on Sunday was my very first visit there.

As I approached to the entry side of Brown Sugar restaurant, I said to myself: “Nice! This Looks Very Cozy!”.

So dinner usually starts at 6:00pm which its all “A La Carte”, so I tried to see how early I could of visited, roughly I got there around 6:22pm. Glancing around, all I could of see is beautiful table layout arrangements of style.

While walking, on the left there was like a miniature water fall, aww this made it the perfect Zen moment to find peace. The tables were all set well and I loved the aroma of colour coordination.

Now on to the real deal:

How did the food taste? This becomes interesting so let us dive in, but first read this interesting experience.

So I took my father with me to experience this dinner cuisine. My budget was $85.00 and I was trying to keep within that figure so I planned my dinner menu before I arrived, but funny enough, the Bajan Rum burger (this includes extra lean beef seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, glazed and grilled with local rum sauce) my “pops” and I would have ordered it without the rum sauce.

We chose not to get it, as the kindly waitress advised us that the rum is actually within the burger mixture and really in truth pops and I were never any rum drinkers. This may only made us have the “absurd look” from the effects of rum.

We then scanned through the menu together and found the perfect dinner entry which was “Famous Grill Flying Fish – Lightly seasoned with their in-house blend of herbs and spices, served with Tartar Sauce”.

LOL: Sorry, I made a slight mess with my table setting…

Oh my! When our food came on time, my facial expression was like visualizing the great taste already from the on-point presentation.

As both “pops” and I ordered the same dish, we switched up the starch: he went for rice along with his grilled flying fish, while I opted for sweet potatoe wedges as my first lady advise me to give it a try,

Oh “Sugar, Sugar Dumpling” , the food was delicious, the vegetables were steamed to perfection, the fish? Oh….it was so soft, tender and bursting with flavor! It tasted so fresh as if the flying fish was just caught out of the sea!

This restaurant, I can say that everything was on point, I superbly enjoyed this dinner experience. When my love of my life returns to the island, we shall have a causal cozy lunch or dinner date at Brown Sugar Restaurant which is located in Aquatic Gap, St. Michael of the island.

My rating for this restaurant is a full A+! Well done Brown Sugar Restaurant you brought good thoughts within my taste buds.

Thanks for reading and may peace and love be with you. 


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