Birthday Spa Day – Golden Touch Spa Barbados – Golden Sands Hotel Barbados

Now yesterday was my birthday so I said to myself, why not treat myself for my special day.

Originally, I wanted to do an Island Safari Tour around the Island, but as I tried to book last minute, there were no spots left. So, me and my tech savvy skills said; “You know what Ricardo? You should go to a Spa and de-stress yourself”!

I searched across the World Wide Web for local spas here in Barbados, and upon reading the reviews, I made Golden Touch Spa my choice!

Now upon arrival to the Golden Sands Hotel where Golden Touch Spa is located, I notice they had already won some service excellence awards from the popular Travel Site Trip Advisor.

The hotel was decked out and looked very cozy. As so as I entered the spa, I couldn’t help myself and take some selfie photos with a Bajan framed photo that was hanged on the wall.

I was greeted in the most pleasant way from the receptionist who was at the desk of my arrival. She greeted me more, by asking if I will prefer any coffee, wine or water. I settled with the water, as I had arrived to the Spa by a local public transportation Van.

Preparation For The Swedish Message

“The Swedish Message From Golden Touch Spa is a gentle soothing stimulation of the soft tissue and muscles is a wonderful means of calming nerves and improving overall circulation. Customized for you and designed to minimize your stress levels. This massage therapy puts you into a relaxed state. This is the perfect introduction for people who are completely new to the whole massage experience. (”

My masseuse led me to the Spa room and advise me to choose which oil I wanted to use from the wide selection. This was actually the first time I pampered myself with a Spa, so I settled with something of a more common oil, peppermint. I removed my shirt and pants keep my brief on and tucked/covered myself under the warmth felt sheet provided for me. I loved how to treat the client’s privacy as when I undress, the masseuse had left the room for that moment.

The Swedish Message

I could of feel that my body was so tensed, so I tried as much as possible to clam down my nerves. The masseuse had advised me to relax my muscles as I assume, they looked “tensed”.

The Message table felt so nice and warmth at the right temperature. The masseuse was on point with her professionalism, she asked me periodically if she was applying to much pressure on my body during the massage. The techniques she chose on my lower and upper back, hands, legs, feet and stomach was really  rejuvenating.

There was some tranquility music playing in the background which really put me in that perfect Zen moment mentally. I really enjoyed my Swedish Massage and was to perfection, making me felt completely stress free!

After the spa I took some photos of the hotel, a few selfies and afterwards I took a photo in the sunlight that made me looked like if I was tanned!

My rating experience at Golden Touch Spa in Barbados is a full A+! I can see myself returning for another massage! Who knows, I might go full macho and choose the hot stones next! What a great birthday I had yesterday!

Thank you for reading my post and may peace, love and joy be brought upon you.


Below are other photos of yesterday and my birthday lunch!


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