The Road To Dominica: Part Two

If you missed Part One , click here to read before reading Part Two.

Dominica is truly beautiful and the mountains are are so high, you can see the clouds pass through them.

The island is so much larger than Barbados, that the trips can be so long and there are plenty of turns on their highways. Their main roads are mainly addressed on the outskirts of the island.

Now anyone who have heard about Dominica , they were hit pretty hard by the devastating hurricane Maria last year.

While passing through the island, although time passed since the hurricane, you could see they were trying their best of a nation rebuild. Literally 90% of their street lights were still down. Some parts of the roads bridges were still broken, making it possible for only one line of traffic to pass by on the temporary passage until the construction is completed.

What I like of the people of Dominica, their streets are all well kept free of garbage and litter. They were even the replanting of road side flowers and hedges.

Sadly there are no state run public transport vehicles, but they down have plenty of hired public service vans to take you too and from across the island.

Now the vans are truly unique in their identity trade marks. They have their unique names such as Bandit, Lone Star, Peace Marker. I found this style much pleasing and intrigue to see more names of their choice. Their identity names are banners placed right on the vans windscreens.

The Food.

Now these people love their food , especially Dasheen. I bought myself some food from the locals periodically. They also love their jack fish, lentil pea stew, and brown or white rice.

My love and I had a lunch date on Mero Beach after our Sabbath church. Aww it was still romantic after all. She surprised me with fish, green banana pie, lentil stew , and salad with lettuce, corn and mouth watering cranberries. To even add the ‘cherry on top’, our dessert was a moon pie snack. The beach was relaxing and I even collected some miniature shells from the beach.

Missionary Work

Now Apart from the relaxation I had, the real matter of me visiting Dominica was the missionary work.

The Roof Building

Several Roofs of the Island still was in need of great repair after the hurricane. While on the work site in Dublanc , many persons still had tarpaulin covering their roofs. After we settled in the Motel we went on our first work site. We were issued safely gear , such as construction helmets, hammer , gloves , and crow bars.

Pong! Pong! Pong! As I came as a labourer my role was basically a carpenter assistant like un-nailing , passing lumber, galvanize , tools and nails to who were working on the roof.

Team A which I was on, consist of me and a Barbadian team member Wayne along with a Trinidadian guy who was the carpenter. It took us two days to complete an elderly double amputee local gentleman roof. I felt so heart warmed when we completed his roof.

Group B comprised of members such as: Pastor Haynes , Agnes, Stephenson, White, Jennifer, Lashly, Victor, Arleigh, Waveney, Greg, Kendra, and Dillon, just to name a few. We all are indeed truly inspired to do the Lords work for those who were in need of the great assistance from us.

I will be definitely returning back to Dominica again very soon. I love it there.

Dominica is truly another Caribbean Island finest!

Thanks for reading, and may peace and love be with you! 🙂

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