Coleridge & Parry Pageant Featured in Barbados Advocate News Paper [ARCHIVED]

Yesterday we were published in one of leading news paper(s) company right here in Barbados, “ The Advocate Friday 1st Feb,2007”. It Explains everything that you would like to know ill just type a few out for you, due I’m currently tired, I might edit this news post and type a few more words out.

Coleridge & Parry Pageant Featured in Barbados Advocate News Paper 💡

By Carla Allyene

Come February 9th the Coleridge & Parry school hall will be transformed as the students present the Mr.& Miss Coleridge & Parry 2008. Under the direction of Danny Hinds, fix couples will compete under the theme “United In the Caribbean; No body wants to see is together’. With a view exploring the Caribbean Unity each will present a country of the region.

For more information, read text on images after you open them click “full size”, so you can view the image full resolution. (I’m too lazy to type the other part of this news paper article”.)

Do not forget to Vote! Vote! Vote! On Coleridge & Parry Photo shoot ( in another news post below. (Click here for more voting info.)

If you haven’t watch the promo vid watch it, but read full information below related to the pageant.

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