Mr & Miss Coleridge & Parry 2008, 9thFeb Pageant Promo Vid [ARCHIVED]

Ok guys/ladies I made a promo video for you to view.

Coleridge & Parry Pageant 2008 Promo Vid [Low Quality]

In this news post below you would also see the poster I made and also the pageant posters, but I only like the couple photos one, because the other one with just everyone’s face, I’m the odd man out, wearing shades.

I don’t know what that person was thinking when they made that poster.

So I decided to make one on by own. I’m not a professional at the graphic design yet; just give me a couple of months then ill be a “top of the line” graphic artist, but only via the pc. I can’t draw “shiiz” in real life. Anyway enough of me “blabbing my mouth off-talking :mrgreen: .”

Ellis Coleridge & Parry Pageant 2008 Promo Vid High Quality (Thx to Mr.Beckels for uploading the HQ – High Quality one).

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CP Pageant 2008 Promo Vid High Quality here. [Main Page]
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