Barbados Grand Kadooment 2007 … [ARCHIVED]

2007 Kadooment

2007 Barbados Grand Kadooment had a few people frustrated yesterday, due of the rainy atmosphere, it seems those people don’t like water, or hate to get a shower!

Now laugh my ass off at that one! I myself had to carry my umbrella, telling some of the people, “You can stand under my Umbrella, (Ella ella eh eh eh)”.

They had me singing Rihanna’s song is the rain. ( ahahaha). It’s raining (raining), Ooo girl it’s raining….” Anyways here are some screenshots below in the slideshow, so for all those lazy bums other there, no need to click all the images.
Just click on the “Show as Slideshow” link. I apologize for not taking loads of good pictures.

Images taken with Olympus x-760 Digital Camera
It was an awesome day there, which I stayed almost for the entire day, now I’m very, very sleepy as can be. All the sexy women out there, don’t forget to smile because you are beautiful! Have a nice Day ALL! Peace be with you….

Extra note:
More Cool Clips to Watch will be soon added here again!

Next News Post may be: Poem written by me (months ago) to this girl I had strong feelings for…

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