Barbados Independence Day (41 Years of Independence) [ARCHIVED]

Today it’s the celebration of Barbados 41 years of Independence. November 30th is celebrated as Independence Day and is a national holiday in Barbados. The day begins with an elaborate and impressive parade and ceremony at the Garrison Savannah. I am sorry for not going there and get some photos.  However, celebrations ran throughout November and included sports competitions, fairs, community events, and religious services.

Independence History
On 14th February, 1966 the Coat of Arms of Barbados was presented by the Queen to the President of the Senate, Sir Grey Massiah. The Arms were designed by Mr. Neville Connell, for many years Curator of the Barbados Museum, with artistic assistance by Mrs. Hilda Ince. The Golden Shield of the Arms carries two Pride of Barbados flowers (the National Flower) and the Bearded Fig Tree (Ficus Citrifolia) which was common on the island at the time of its settlement. On either side of the shield are the supporters — on the right (dexter) is a dolphin symbolic of the fishing industry and on the left (sinister) is a Pelican.

The association is made with a small island named Pelican Island which existed off Barbados and which was incorporated into the Deep Water Harbour development. Above the shield is a helmet and mantling and on a wreath is the arm and hand of a Barbadian holding two crossed pieces of sugar cane symbolic of the sugar industry. This is a saltire cross, the cross upon which St. Andrew was crucified. Independence Day in Barbados is celebrated on November 30, St. Andrews Day.
The Coat of Arms carries the motto “Pride and Industry.”In the General Election on 3rd November, 1966, the Democratic Labour Party won 14 seats, the Barbados Labour Party 8 and the Barbados National Party 2. Barbados became independent on 30th November, 1966.

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