“Your Local PC Advisor / Support Service”

  • Don’t become a victim of operating system glitches or application bugs…

  • Always keep your system files secure and safe…

  • I can be the I.T support service guy that give you it all…

Ellis cater to residential customers, here locally in Barbados who need the best solution for their IT / PC support service. From being in the PC/IT industry for years and having knowledge , I can provide the best possible solution or service for you.

Services Ellis Offer:


I  can set up your home network for your, whether it will be installed a router, setting up your wireless ranger extender, power line adapter, internet switches, Virtual Private Networks Clients (VPN), etc. You name it, Ellis can assist.

Data Back up

Suggesting and finding solutions can be made to have your data backup securely, where having your data backed up in the cloud (online), or being backed up locally to a physical data storage device.

Device Configuration

Bought yourself a new computing device? Need assistance setting it up? Ellis can get your starting by configuring your device for you. Ellis can even walk you through the process in person or via a call if you wish to familiarize yourself with the set up / configuration process.

Application Installations

Have a  new Application you don’t how to set up, register or install? Don’t fear, Ellis can have this done in no time. From applications such as Microsoft Office or your preferred Antivirus / Internet Security Ellis can have them installed / set up without all that hassle. Ellis can even recommend where you can get your software for the best price. Shopping smart for software is always a WIN.

 Software Issues

We all hate when our system is acting all wired on us. From seeing blue screens of death errors or application issues. Ellis can look into the matter for you, and resolve this instantly. Ellis  can be your support service here.

Website Development

Always thinking of getting your own website? Need your own custom email address? From website creating to have your website name registered and website kept online 24/7, Ellis can create website for you, either for business or personal use. We also can set up your email server so you can create multiple email addresses from your domain name (website url).

Poster & Logo Design

Establish your own unique connection and style with a custom logo designed by Ellis. Poster design services are also available from Ellis. This includes poster designs for events, notices or product showcase.

Technology Consultation

Maybe you are wondering which smartphone to purchase, or rather, you just don’t know which personal computer specification will be best suited for yourself. If you need any support on any technology related products, my expertise and research consultation service can be provided to you.

Have a question or want to know more? Don’t hesitate, contact me at re@EllisInBB.com