Democratic Labour Party Wins Barbados Elections 20-10 [ARCHIVED]

Yesterday was the end of it all- Who will run the affairs of Barbados until in next election?
And it was the DLP which got in total of 20 seats while the BLP who was in parliament for the past 14years only got 10. 😆
Well, I would say this elections was very amusing and in some cases annoying as “hell”.

There were loads of the party’s motorcades playing their melodies such as;
Democratic Labour Party (DLP): “I Wid Dem”,. “Smut De Bess” and much more.
Barbados Labour Party (BLP): “Movin Wid Owen”, “Bees Yes! Dems No!” and large amounots of supporters were on trucks, in cars, vans etc.

This elections in Barbados was absurd. Two party supporters from the DLP ran through a BLP speech session. The BLP said that DLP Posters and Billboards that were on the side of the streets were placed up illegally and they were to be removed. In some communities there were some outlets from the parties being actually through peoples houses like if they were either the postman or a delivery service.

I had a chance to witness on of these “amusing events”. Two guys were distributing some of the party’s news paper outlets to the public. One guy wrapped around like 20 around each other and as a bus stopped near by him, he then gave them to one person saying “share dem with de other people in de bus, pass dem down”. While the other guys across the street literally thought them in peoples car as them passed. All I was there doing was “Laughing my a** off” :mrgreen: to the maximum. It seemed that those guys just wanted the money instead of working, giving the news papers outlets to the public.

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